Our Services


Process Development: Operational Process and Procedural Design/Development/Implementation/Documented Information, Workplace Organization, Quality Assurance Programs, and Employee Manual Design & Development. 

Implementation of "Lean" Practices: Five S+1, Visual Controls, Visual Factory, Value Stream Mapping, Poka-Yoke, Work Cells, One Piece Flow, and Kanban

Technical Writing

Risk Analysis and Management

Process Improvement Tools: Affinity Diagrams, Cause-and-Effect Diagrams, Root Cause Analysis, Cycle Time Reduction, Pareto, Histograms, FMEA, and Corrective Actions

Auditing: Internal Audits, Document/Record Review & Analysis, Preparation, Issuance of applicable outputs including, Corrective Actions, and Training 

Safety, Health & Housekeeping Program Development & Implementation: Worksite Analysis, Hazard Prevention & Controls, Injury/Accident/Illness Documentation Records, Safety & Health Management System (Scope, Response Plans, Design & Implementation of Company Safety, Health & Housekeeping Manual), Committee Development/Implementation/Documentation & Records, Employee/Supervisor/Manager Training, Inspection & Auditing Procedures, Checklists & Records, OSHA, DOL, CFR, and Local Compliance

Training: ISO & Other Global Standards, Certification & Surveillance Readiness, Auditing, and Safety/Health & Housekeeping